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Fall 2020

Sep 17 Neuroscience Fellows Talks Akie Fujita (PNB), Ryan Troha (PSYC), and Renee Rotolo (PSYC)
Oct 8 Student Talk: Chuyi Su Corticotectal response properties in the awake rabbit
Oct 15 Fumiko Hoeft (UConn) Intergenerational Neuroimaging of Literacy and Dyslexia
Oct 22 Student Talk: Gabriel Vega Adenosine Effects on Excitatory Transmission in Murine Visual Cortex
Oct 29 Student Talk: Renee Chassee
Student Talk: Christopher Babigian
Predicted Effects of Cerebellar-Specific FOXP- Knockouts
Motivational Consequences of Different Cocaine Self-Administration Schedules
Nov 5 Catharine Winstanley (UBC) Following the cues- the effects of sound and light cues on risky decision making
Nov 12 Joshua Gulley (U of I) Amphetamine use during adolescence and its consequences on the brain and behavior
Nov 19 Student Talk: Skyler Sklenarik Using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to Reduce Cannabis Cravings
Dec 3 Student Talk: Olivia Vanegas
Student Talk: Tylor Harlow
Dec 10 Student Talk: Alev Ecevitoglu
Student Talk: Emma Zorda

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PSYC 5200 & Student Presentations

The seminars are open to any interested faculty, staff, and students. However, BNS graduate students are required to take 4 semesters of seminar (PSYC 5200) for credit. The major goal of the course is to give students a chance to practice presenting and get feedback on their research. Senior graduate students and advanced/honors undergraduates working in BNS/PNB labs may also register.